Monday, August 1, 2016

Word on the Street Video Series

Hello Everyone!

This week has been crazy! This very moment we are uploading the very first episode of our new Video/Web Series "Word on the Street". Ahh!! What an  ordeal this first video has been! I am not a techy, video person, but I want to be. I have learned so much through this process of trial and (many) errors. So let's start from the beginning....

In my interview for my job I brought several project ideas with me, that if hired I wanted to do and Word on the Street was one of those ideas. Fast forward to my first week and I am sitting in my office at the GCCVB typing up topic suggestions for a video series to promote Gallia County, as well as fighting with logos. In our weekly staff meeting I share  my ideas with the rest of the staff who helped me choose the first topic and how to go about interviewing residents. (i.e. media release forms)

I decided to set up a few interviews ahead of time and would fill in with the random people I talked to along the street. Geared up with the media release forms and my smart phone , I went out to get some interviews. Well it was good to have those interviews set up because it is kind of intimidating  to walk up to strangers and ask if I can film them while they answer a question. Long story short I didn't get any words on the street.

In my interviews I was able to meet with a family, the Mayor of the Village of Rio Grande, a real estate agent, a volunteer at the Chamber of Commerce & CIC, and my friend's son. Without much prompting they all did a fantastic job. Once the interviews were over I just had to piece it all together and be done. With that thought the media gods began to laugh. Editing videos are not easy and once you get it done you have to save it in the correct format otherwise it won’t upload or the resolution will be so terrible you would think it was a picture of Big-Foot.

I decided to try my hand at mixing some music for the video so I wouldn’t have to worry about copyrights and such. That was a lot of fun to do and I hope it is just loud enough to be heard. For the filming I used my smart phone, my other option was Karen’s Video Camera from 2000 that was not willing to corporate with me.  So we work with what we are given. I thought that I would be fancy and use this Power Director program on my laptop. Well the resolution, again insert Big-Foot comparison. After ranting on Facebook and to Amanda, I heed and let her help me. (I have some control issues when it comes to my projects) She magically fixes what I was fighting with for what seemed forever. And how does she do it, Windows Movie Maker. So now we have completely changed the program and are finally done.

I get the seal of approval from Karen (our editor for all things) and proceed to upload to FB. Two hours later, which ends up being after closing. This has failed please try again. I closed my eyes, said my soothing words and shut the laptop. Then went home.

That brings us to 8:15 am today. Attempt number two, only this time I am uploading to youtube. The upload  would take 2.5 hours….as I wait I decide to write a blog article about this project (this is where you come in). 5 minutes to go…4…3…2  (I am literally so nervous that it won’t upload)...1…the seconds count down has begun….And it jumps up to 1 hour and 13 minutes for processing…wait no I only had to wait 5 minutes!!! Here it is!!!

Coming soon, the blooper reel!!

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