Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tour Group Visit of Downtown Gallipolis

Today we were fortunate to have visitors from the City of Hilliard Senior Center. A group of 22 guests took a tour with the GCCVB. Our first stop was lunch at the Colony Club. We then traveled to the Our House Tavern Museum where they were guided by Becky Pasquale the Site Director and Docent Pam Riley. The guests were able to view General Lafayette's jacket that was left behind during his tour of the United States and learned about the history of the Tavern in relation to the City of Gallipolis.

As we drove to each location, Executive Director Amanda Crouse and myself discussed with the group the founding our City and some of the more recent events that take place in the City Park. Such as our Gallipolis in Bloom organization winning 1st place in the circle of Champions for America in Bloom competition and the upcoming lighting of Gallipolis City Park for Gallipolis in Lights. The group also had the opportunity to get a view of the Ohio River and the Gallipolis City Park. They were very interested in the flood markers and the history behind them.

The third stop of the trip was to the French Art Colony where the group, lead by Jenny Myers was able to view the facility and the different exhibits that they currently are offering. Which are, "A showcase magical, miniature creations of the Riverby Mini-Crafters, as well as a display of lovable, furry friends, in a photo exhibit entitled, “Pets!”." The group loved seeing the beautiful gardens at the French Art Colony and the Our House!

The last stop on the tour was to the Ariel-Carson Dater Performing Arts Center. There the guests learned about the history and the renovation process from Director Laura Snow. To demonstrate the beautiful acoustics, Marshall University student Erik Anderson performed a piece on the Guitar. The visitors were also able to go upstairs to view the Ballroom and other parts of the Theater.

We are so happy they had the chance to come down and visit with us. Next week the City of Hilliard Senior Center will be sending another group down for another tour! Thank you to all of our hosts!

If you would like to book a tour of Gallia County visit, www.visitgallia.com!

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