Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Event Planning Tips

I love attending, organizing, or assisting with events. I would go as far to call myself an event junkie, I am so obsessed. In my position, I do my best to support organizations by attending their events and even lend a hand. But more importantly I host events with the GCCVB. Events are what really interested me in the hospitality field and lead to me earning my degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism and minor in Business. From my experience and education, I like to think that I have a few tricks up my sleeve. So, check out my event planning tips and comment below to share yours! If your planning a public event send the details to the GCCVB at info@visitgallia.com. We can help you promote it (for free) on our social media, calendar and app!

1. Lists!

Every event should start with a solid to-do list. Always share your lists with your co-hosts to ensure not to forget anything. I have lists for my volunteers, shopping, orders, event timeline, and more!

2. Details Matter but Don't Forget the Big Picture.

The devil is in the details. If you're not careful, you can get too carried away with the small things and the event as a whole can suffer. The key is to find a balance or a great team that can keep you on track!

3. Communicate!

Your team can only know what to do if you can clearly communicate your ideas to them. You need to keep that line of communication open so that they can share their ideas too. There may not be an "I" in team but there is one in "Communicate"! Make it your responsibility to communicate to your team.

4. Take a Break!

If your event is taking up a lot of your time and it is the first thing you think of when you wake-up and last thing when you fall asleep. STOP. Stepping away from a project for an 15-minutes, an hour, or a day can be a positive thing. I always find it helpful to leave a project and come back with a fresh mind, especially when I am feeling stuck.

5. Enjoy it!

Events are meant to be fun! Whether it is a wedding or fundraiser, don't lose sight of why you are doing it! Be sure to remind yourself to take hold of the experience, don't let the experience take hold of you!

6. Always Follow-Up!

It is professional and courteous to follow-up with guests, volunteers and sponsors with a handwritten thank you card!

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