Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Rambling: How Can I Help?

My day began with beeping. Snooze. More beeping. Am I the only person whose first twenty minutes each day is sitting in bed staring at the wall trying to determine reality or dreams? Mornings are weird, especially Monday Mornings.

All of a sudden I am driving down 35, whoa when did I get here and did I remember everything, including my pants? Everything is in order.

I arrive at the office. Computer on, tea made, shuffle through email and so forth. Now, what am I doing?

I think that we all have these Monday mornings. I sometimes consider myself a morning person, depending which co-worker you speak to you will get a different answer to that inquiry. But none the less, when we sit down to begin our week we ask ourselves, how will we use our time? Will it be a struggle to find our motivation? Do we scroll on social media? Read the paper? How will we represent Gallia County today?  What can I do?

Working at a CVB has its challenges and our main focus should be how to make a positive impact for our community. But I don't think that this is purely a CVB challenge but a challenge of any organization.  How will I make a difference in my community?

I think that small things can make a huge change in a community. One small idea can spring forth a whole world of possibilities. And I believe that is a big reason why as a whole, Gallia County, is one of the most special places. If you look at one of Gallia County's most notable historic figures, Bob Evans, he had a small idea and it became an empire. Or even our lights display Gallipolis in Lights, during the Christmas season, pulls our community together in an amazing way.

This brings up an important issue for me. We all have the same goal, to create a better community. Which means we should all be encouraging to the projects of others. I'm not saying you have to agree, but we should never discourage someone from trying to make something positive for our community.

I am vastly guilty of being jealous of someone else acting on an idea first. But, after some introspective I now applaud and support them because we all are working toward the same thing. I urge anyone who sees an organization doing something new to support them and ask "How can I help?". Let's make Gallia Great, spring is almost here and there are so many opportunities to make a difference.

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