Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Photo Contest: Update

Our #VisitGallia2K15 Photo Contest is in full swing as June comes to a close. As of right now, we have 187 photos and 34 participants. Participation seems to be mostly on Facebook and some from Instagram. It has been amazing seeing all the different photos that are being submitted, when we first began I was worried that we were only going to receive pictures of peoples animals. However as time went on we received a wide variety of photos; ranging from landscapes to youth league football. We are getting photos from professionals and amateurs, and each of them have a story to tell.

When we see these photos of the county fair or date night at Silver Screen Seven it is something that most of us can relate to. It reminds us of the community we live in and what makes it beautiful. The goal of this contest was not to just give away some (really) cool stuff, but to involve the community in reminding us all what makes Gallia County a great place to live, and that's our residents. Too often on social media sites we see negative things tearing down our community. What we really need to post are the positive things about our home and lift those up for all to see.

Thank you to all of our participants for your entries! Gallia is a great place to live and with your photos others can see that too!

Todd Petrie

Brandy Gilbert

Alicia Ferrell

Abby Sipple Whitt

Miranda Wood
Sandy Jividen
Mary Lee Marchi

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