Friday, June 12, 2015

#VisitGallia2K15 Photo Contest

This week we launched our #VisitGallia2K15 Photo Contest! This project is the brain child of Director Amanda Crouse. The project started with the promo video that Amanda slaved over for a really long time. I then created several options for posters.


These posters have been tweaked and changed many times. In the end we choose the poster with the Black background and the 3D logo. Then we created a Facebook page for the contest. This page must be monitored and kept up-to-date constantly. After we launched the page I was receiving messages about the rules, what I thought was clear wasn't. This project is defiantly a work in progress and has taken a lot of time to maintain.

Whenever a participant uses the #VisitGallia2K15 along with a photo it is suppose to be linked to that Facebook page, this hasn't worked perfectly because Facebook doesn't recognize hashtags very well. Despite this issue most of our pictures have been uploaded through Facebook. Whenever I find a picture with the hashtag or it is linked to our page I have been adding them to an excel file. At the end of the contest (August 15th) we will then choose our winners! This contest will have Three! Our first official prize is a nights stay at Raccoon Creekside Cottage! Not too bad!

Rules for the contest are as follows
1. Only two submissions per day will be counted.
2. Pictures must be taken in Gallia County
3. Photos need to be put on our page or use the ‪#‎VisitGallia2K15‬

Below are some of our Week One submissions.

Gina Davis
Katie Caudill
Swords Photography

Tammy Robinson
Tina Johnson

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