Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kaitlynn's Travel Essentials

It's the 1st of February! So you know what that means, travel planning season has begun!!!!! Which of course is my favorite time of the year, because I get to work with families and groups coming to Gallia County! In previous articles, we've discussed the CVB plans to attend the AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo, well it's time! Amanda, our Executive Director, and myself are heading up to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow! The travel expo is when all the work that we have been doing in the last month gets to shine!

Now that we have all of our display and promotional items packed up, it's our turn. As a kid, I loved to pack for vacation and after working as a Travel Consultant, I like to think I have a few tricks of my sleeves. I've compiled a list of my travel essentials. Comment below your tips and tricks!

1. Bring a Sweater
I hate being cold and whenever I travel I bring a couple extra layer options. On planes, a sweater is a must. Going to a convention? It could be crowded therefore hot or the large space and high ceilings making it freezing. Sweater, jackets, cardigans, parka, long-sleeve tee, etc.

2. Snacks
Don't let a case of hangry (hungry + angry) ruin your trip! Always have a bottle of water and small bags of snackage. My picks are, trail mix, dried fruit, and to-go packs of applesauce. Be sure not to go overboard though, you want to save some room for trying something local!

3. Portable Phone Charger
I won't travel without a phone charger ever! These portable phone chargers allow you to charge your phone while you are on-the-go, so you don't get stuck to the wall with your normal charger. However, remember to charge the Charger before you leave for your trip! You can pick these up at gas stations, Walmart, etc.

4. Visitor Guides
Before your trip stop at your local CVB or Travel Office for some information regarding your destination. It is really nice to have a few ideas in your head before you head out on your adventure. Visitor guides are created by the locals so it has the inside scoop on all the hotspots to check out. Who knows what else you will discover when you visit!

5. Tylenol and Band-Aids
   Think head to toe. I am a klutz, I trip on air and bump into everything. Therefore, I carry Tylenol and Band-Aids everywhere.

6. Your Business Cards
Never know who you will run into so be prepared.  Have your business cards in a wallet or easy to grab place. I like to keep one or two in my phone case.

7. Tide-to Go Pens
If you are traveling for business these little pens are a great life saver for those "Oh Crap" moments. Find them in the travel shampoo section!

8. Body Lotion
This is the one item I always seem to forget and always need.

9. My Journal
Growing up my Mom brought a journal with her on every vacation. She would log where we ate, what silly thing we did at the beach, etc. I picked up on that and really love being able to go back are read about some of the small fun things you might tend to forget about.

10. The Right Bag
You now have all this stuff and what are you going to do with it. Pack it in the right bag. My definition of the right bag is: A bag that is medium size, light weight, goes across your shoulder. Your bag should not be full when you leave. There should be room to put small purchases and your sweater.

Those are my picks! What are yours? Comment below!

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