Friday, February 10, 2017

Planning Summer During Snowfall

     So, as I am collecting prices on inflatable beach balls and flip-flop playing cards, I look out my window and it is snowing. And I have to laugh at myself because my mind is so excited about our tourism season that I get surprised by snow in February. I consider winter my office hibernation season because there are fewer events during this time, but trust me there are plenty.

     One of the big reasons why I love working in local tourism is that I have time to perfect my ideas. With the help of the GCCVB staff and our Board of Trustees/Advisory, we prepare to have our summer programs and events ready to hit the streets come summer time.

      As of right now, we have about three months to put together the events to kick off the official tourism season. This happens the first full week in May with the celebration of National Travel and Tourism week. One of our big summer programs is The Passport Challenge. We tested this program last year and I am currently configuring the details for this year. This program is offered to all ages but is geared mostly toward kids. The official launch date for the 2017 Passport Challenge is May 1st, stay tuned for more details!

      Just to put this all into perspective, there are only 38 Days till Spring (March 20th) and 131 Days till Summer (June 21st)! But don't let that keep you from sitting around the rest of Winter! Click here, to see all of Gallia County's events that are going on right now! Or you could download our app!

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