Friday, May 15, 2015

Community Kindness

Gallia County is a fairly small community and it is always heart warming to see businesses reaching out to the community, whether it be big or small. Today I stopped into Pip and Hud's the new Frozen Yogurt and Gourmet Popcorn shop on Second Avenue. It was my first time in there and it was so tasty! As I sat drinking my Strawberry Smoothie a small group of kids from Guiding Hands Elementary came in. Pip and Hud's gave these kids the royal treatment. The kids got to see the backroom behind the frozen yogurt machines and they even made a fresh batch of popcorn just so the kids got to see how it was made. What was the cherry on top of this story was that Pip and Hud's gave them their yogurt for free! Pip and Hud's opened at the beginning of April and it is really nice to see that they are community oriented! What a wonderful addition to our community for sure! Check them out 334 Second Ave!

Check out their facebook page!

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